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Trendy, Asian-influenced design, very buzzy and good for small groups. We tried the lot on the Tasting Menu - sushi, whale steak, grilled salmon in banana leaf with teriyaki and crushed Icelandic potatoes...

'Best In Town' by edward cook. For more than 70 years Reykjavik has been home to the shabby looking hot dog stand 'Baejarins Beztu'. Whether it is Bill Clinton or one the local bums, every day people are there waiting in line for a hot dog. In this film we witness the magic of this little place.

The Tasting Room at Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek, our last guests who ate there said it was their (second) best meal ever!

5. Eat disgusting Icelandic food Try some rotten shark, hákarl, and chase it with a shot of Brennivin, Iceland´s very own black death schnapps.

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