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Parham Farms, Dairy Goats in West Tennessee: ADGA registered purebred and recorded grade Lamancha Dairy Goat kids for sale />

Goat Sheds Hoops

Basic Goat Shelters for Your Homestead Dairy Herd - Homesteading and Livestock

Questions to ponder and journal on:   Have I replaced my "animal" instinct when it comes to deciding what and how much to eat with my intellect?   Do I do "nutrition by number" rather than "eating with spirit"?   One of my favorite ways to connect to instinct is by being in nature, and observing animal nature...how do you connect to your inner instinct?

Goat Pasture Grass-seed mix for goat pasture improvement- Pasture management for goats

How to Use a Goat Milking Stand Video Tutorial on The Prairie Homestead at http://www.theprairiehomestead.com/2012/03/goat-milking-stand-video.html

How to Use a Goat Milking Stand *VIDEO

A quick video offering more information on the construction and use of a goat milking stand.

Dairy Goats Breed Production numbers

Homestead ~ Goats may not be as popular as beef or pork, but it is a big contributor to the agriculture production in the US. This shows the different types of production in different breeds of goats.