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Massacusetts memes - Boston humor

Oh Michigan.please fix your pothole problem, this is embarrassing. Funny, but embarrassing nonetheless!

pure Michigan -nothing like coming HOME

The Pure Michigan sign reminds us of how beautiful our state really is.

so true, so miserable

32 Perks Of Living In Michigan Despite The Economy

You Know You're From Michigan When...


You know you're from Michigan when. "At least of your relatives work for the auto industry.

Organizers of Michigan gay rights initiative suspend efforts

Supporters of amending Michigan's constitution to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity have cleared an initial procedural

Only in Michigan

Michigan City Names. We'll take you to Hell and Paradise at the same time. While you enjoy a good Climax, right before Christmas!

Do You Speak Michiganese?   				MICHI-SPEAK: There’s nothing really ‘neutral’ about the way Michiganders talk, and our accents are getting even more pronounced, experts say

Do You Speak Michigander? we speak normal - it's the others who have accents, right?

4 out of 5 Great Lakes Prefer Michigan! Display your state pride with this 4.5" x 4.5" sticker! #michiganawesome

This is a must-have: 4 Out Of 5 Great Lakes Prefer Michigan White Vinyl Sticker from Michigan Awesome