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Work for it. Hard work, pays off. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

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You feel that burn? That’s your muscles working, your fat melting. It’s you becoming fit. It’s you becoming beautiful. Don’t stop.

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fit quote: dear extra fat in my body, you have 2 options. make your way to my boobs, or gtfo.

Running Makes Me Happy

My ultimate goal ;)

Train like an athlete. Eat like a nutritionist. Sleep like a baby. Win like a champion! Now if I can just sleep like a baby!

100 WORKOUT Songs... I'm a sucker for some of the songs on this list and found a few new good ones too!

100 Running Songs

Why I'm going to put my laptop down right now.


Cause I feel the prettiest and strongest after a long, hard workout. So true, love my "happy" endorphins after a work out!

Healthy food all the way

A little reminder. This is so true! I hate when people freak about calories! Girl, you're young, you can afford it! One bad meal doesn't make you fat. Just like pretending one good meal will make you healthy or skinny. Everything in moderation is true!

ughhh isn't that the truth!

Daily motivation (25 photos)

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