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Peacock Feather Earrings v1

So, here's the see what I can make utilising thrift and recycled shop finds. The aqua blue was a sample piece of recycled PET plastic which was turned into a faux leather. The blue on top and tan part are leather cut from offcuts. The hook that I hooked the earwire on is from a pi...

$45 An idea thats been mulling around for awhile, I originally designed this Bow Lo a few months ago while I was working on my FW11 collection, but just couldnt wait to launch it! Im currently in love with button up shirts, which somehow in my mind logically progressed to bolo ties and bow ties....and then Bow-Lo ties...(seemingly theres some sort of cheesy uncle comedy routine deep within me, making it so that I CANNOT say no to a good pun) The bow portion of the tie is made of off-cut or…

Key Cover by Hollows Leather

Buy small strips of leather and cut out key covers for all your keys, sew the sides and cut out a whole for the key ring.

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