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Ketoprak [Ketoprak is a Jakarta food cart dish. Ketoprak consists of peanut sauce, palm sugar, bird chili (short boiled), a very small amount of tamarind (mix it with water), garlic, bihun (thin rice noodles), lontong (rice cake), fried tofu, bean sprout, Indonesian sweet soy sauce, and crackers. Sometimes they'll add boiled eggs.]

Indonesian Vegetable Salad with Peanut Dressing (Gado-Gado)

From SAVEUR Issue #166 On the streets of Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia, some vendors’ pushcarts are essentially mobile salad bars, where bespoke vegetarian compositions of greens, sprouts, shredded cabbage, fried potatoes and tofu, hard-cooked eggs, shrimp chips, and more are dressed in a spicy and aromatic peanut sauce. The dish these hawkers are making, gado-gado, is true to its name, which means “potpourri.” The salad lends itself to creativity; nearly any combination of raw and ...

Sambal is a condiment that has chilli based sauce. Sambal cabe hijau is known as sambel ijo a Padang ( west Sumatera ) specialty . Made of green chili and tomato, shallot , shrimp paste and I added dried anchovy to enhance the taste.

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