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Roast Leg Of Pork first time i made one this recipe was great

Dang these challenges! Stop exploiting my competitive nature, Pintrest! 30 day jumping jacks challenge

7 Day Slim Thick Challenge

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Make These 86 Amazing Meals For $5 or Less

Make These 86 Amazing Meals For $5 or Less

Cooking at home is great for your wallet and — for the most part — better for your health. Instead of making the same recipes over and over again, challenge yourself by trying out some of the best budget-friendly recipes we found on the web.

Time to get your abs into shape!  #skinnymetea @skinnymetea

Time to get your abs into shape! #skinnymetea @skinnymetea

Master a Digital Detox With This Easy Plan

A 7-Day Detox For Your Smartphone Addiction - I'm definitely trying this. Miss the days before cell phones and social media.

The Challenges & Tips On How To Pose Male Seniors

How to Pose Male Seniors - The Challenges and Tips - Article and Tips from Colorvale's own Stacie Jensen. Pintrest is full of posing for senior girls what about those guys? Don't fret we have some great ideas for the non-jock senior to help you out.

Not just for Lent, we can approach God's throne of grace any & every day! These are wonderful prayer starters.

Rediscovering Who You Are - Journal Prompts

Journal about yourself and find your way back to your own heart. When we know who we are, we’re more able to live with intention. The questions this month are meant to help you rediscover who you are right now. Read through, think about them, write or discuss. Come back to the ones that hit you most …