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''The Big G'': Liquid Volume Conversion (cute story)...Once upon a time in a GALAXY far, far away (draw a big G)...There lived 4 QUEENS (draw the 4 Q's inside the G). Each of these queens had 2 beautiful PRINCESSES (draw 2 P's inside the Q's). Each of these princesses had 2 for the day and one for the evening.(draw 2 C's inside the P's)> I tell the story with a silly "English" accent.

Commonly Confused Words

Infographic for commonly confused (misspelled or misused) words. A helpful infographic from Your Dictionary. Perfect for the classroom!

Measurements Free Printable

Liquid Measurements Free Printable - Here is a great visual printable that helps you remember liquid measurements and conversions!

geometric measurement recognizing perimeter | Area and Perimeter Wall Chart for 3rd Grade | Easy Common Core Student ... #math

Fraction Butterfly Mini Anchor Chart FREEBIE - cross multiply to compare fractions, find equivalent fractions with a common denominator, and add & subtract fractions with different denominators.

A chart to organize classroom expectations. Very quick and easy way to set expectations. (Note: AIH means "Academic Intervention Hour")