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Animalistic: Wire Wrapped by jennakoo on Etsy

Up To The Mountain: Turquoise//Hand Forged Brass by jennakoo

Lady Stardust: Clear and Smoky Quartz Crystal//Antique Brass Finished Chain//Layer Necklace

Reserved for taylor! Rip This Joint//Rhombus Geometric Pendant//Clear Quartz//Chunky Brass Curb Chain//Necklace

Rip This Joint//Rhombus Geometric Pendant//Clear by jennakoo

Rablin' Rose//Baby Blue//Sodalite//Rose Quartz//Brass Tulip//Talisman Necklace

Rablin' Rose//Baby Blue//Sodalite//Rose Quartz//Brass by jennakoo

Duality:Titanium Coated Quartz Crystal//Wire Wrapped//Brass Necklace//Purple Hues

DualityTitanium Coated Quartz Crystal//Wire by jennakoo on Etsy

SOLD! To robyn Crystal Blue Persuasion: Peruvian Blue Opal//Antique Glass Beads//Antique Brass Necklace

SOLD to Dawn Kubicek Crystal Blue Persuasion Peruvian by jennakoo

Mr. Blue Sky: Lapis Lazuli//Glass Bead//Antique Brass Choker Necklace

Needles and Pins//Rough Raw Ruby//Oxidized Copper Connector//Brass Leaf Pendant//Brass Necklace

Radiance: Titanium Coated Quartz Crystal//Antique Brass Finished Necklace