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Alphabet by school-aged children: A Reggio Inspired Classroom. Could you do wikki stix letters under printed letters?

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Reggio Emilia: The Alphabet - Fairy Dust Teaching Preschool Sign In Sheet for 3 year olds- Children sign in with the first letter of their name

Fairy Dust Teaching Kindergarten Blog: Reggio Emilia Inspired

The final photos from my visit to Rosa Parks Preschool: This is a child painted embroidery hoop with a fine netting.

Daily Alphabet Activities with Names - Fairy Dust Teaching Finding A in the students names... Great idea for each letter of the alphabet! Great warm up activity.

Daily Alphabet Activities with Names - Fairy Dust Teaching. Letter of the day. Do you have any a's in your name? Write students names with all letters in black. Uppercase and lowercase A is written in red.

Preschool classroom birthday display - Each child gets to decorate their initial on their birthday. Very pretty and meaningful

Reggio Emilia: Birthdays - Fairy Dust Teaching- I love that each class develops their own birthday tradition.