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Multiple activities to help strengthen students working memory. To be done one on one with students. Can be used as practice or as assessment. Can change time depending on student or progress.

Fidget kits are used to help children, teenagers, or adults focus and maintain attention during challenging activities such as learning in a classroom setting or seminar.

Children with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders often have difficulty filtering words of anger and despair. Here is a hands-on activity to help them. Download and print out dozens of paper strips: 1. Things that are okay to say when upset, and 2. Things that need to be "filtered out." Detailed instructions included.

Improve Mental Processing Speed | Therapeutic Activity for processing speed, short-term visual memory, visual-motor coordination, cognitive flexibility, visual discrimination, and concentration from Selma Dawani Educational Therapy on TeachersNotebook.com (20 pages) - Mental processing speed is very important. Helping your student increase processing speed is

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