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China’s First Emperor’s Pyramid & The Terra cotta Army: At the location of this pyramid, it is said that there used to be a river of mercury and a mini-city, marking the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China. There is also the famous Terra cotta Army surrounding the tomb. Recent scientific work at the site has found high levels of mercury in the soil of the tomb mound… making this a possibility.

Servant kneading dough, Egypt, Old Kingdom, 2494-2345 BCE - Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Gallery: Excavating the Oldest Maya Observatory

Researchers excavating in the ancient Maya city of Ceibal discovered the oldest ceremonial constructions ever,dating back to 1000 BC.These buildings later became widespread throughout the Maya world and were used as solar observatories.

Archaic statue of Athena using her snaky aegis as a weapon in battle against the Giants. From a statue group depicting the Gigantomachy (the battle between the Olympian gods and the Giants) from the east pediment of the Old Temple of Athena, on the Athens Acropolis, circa 525 BC. This scene, as depicted in other Greek art objects shows the goddess, holding a spear in her right hand, defeating the Titan Encelados (see image below). Reconstructed statue in the Acropolis Museum, Athens.

La Quemada: la misteriosa ciudad prehispánica de origen desconocido

La Quemada: la misteriosa ciudad prehispánica de origen desconocido en Zacatecas