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Original watercolor painting, 'Booted Racket Tail Flying Through the Rain', by Lynn Cyrus / Cascade Colors. This small hummingbird can be found in parts of northern South America, in tropical and subtropical forest bordering the Amazon rainforest. I have seen this species on both the western and eastern slopes of the Andes in northern Ecuador - in Mindo, on the west, where the male sports white leg-puffs, and in Wildsumaco, on the east, where the male sports orange puffs.

Male Hawaiian Akepa is rare and the smallest bird in Hawaii. The ʻakepa (Loxops sp.) are a group of one of the smallest Hawaiian forest birds, at four inches long and weighing 10 grams. Adult males sport one of the most brilliant orange colors found in any bird, a plumage which takes four years to develop. The 'Akepa are highly endangered.

Golden-crowned Kinglet (Regulus satrapa). The adults all have yellow patches on top of their otherwise dull brown feathers but the males are the only ones who sport the extra splash of red.

The Southern Red Bishop or Red Bishop (Euplectes orix) is a small passerine bird belonging to the bishop and widowbird genus Euplectes in the weaver family Ploceidae. It is common in wetlands and grassland in Africa south of the Equator. North of the Equator, it is replaced by the Northern Red Bishop or Orange Bishop (E. franciscanus) which was formerly regarded as a subspecies of this species.