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'...I'm just getting more awesome.'

I'm just getting more awesome.

Lol.Ohhhh JT ;)

"Real Men Like Big Booty Bitches" -Justin Timberlake; I guess real men like me & I like them too ;

Cleaning house while the kids are home is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing.

Cleaning House while the kids are home, is like shoveling snow, while it's still snowing. My house will be clean for when my kids go on vacations.

Blunt+Cards+Coffee | ... am a quitter i quit quitting coffee i changed to a fat free creamer

Funny pictures about Before and after coffee. Oh, and cool pics about Before and after coffee. Also, Before and after coffee.

Bill "Murphy"

You're Awesome ~ Bill Murray. No no… YOU’RE awesome. Actor Bill Murray from the movie Stripes.

Blunt Card - Kill the Hydra

bluntcard humor - That's right bitch. I drank all the wine. This is so me lol.

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sheldon Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory quotes. I love good humorous quotes to get me through the day and week. These are a few that make me laugh hysterically.

funny school of rock quotes | funny-school-of-rock-quote » funny-school-of-rock-quote


Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: I wish Kristen Stewart was in this movie... ...said no one ever.

SO TRUE. Do not like Kristen Stewart. I read somewhere that people thought she should be the main in 50 Shades. Seriously she will ruin it if they do.

Holiday cookie swap, my ass. I'd rather have a cocktail swap. Same calories, cleaner kitchen!

Funny Seasonal Ecard: Holiday cookie swap, my ass. I'd rather have a cocktail swap.