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Sleeping Angel at Highgate Cemetery in North London
If you haven't figured it out by now, Victorian graveyards were packed and overflowing with bodies. But just how many bodies? The average 200-square-foot churchyard could contain anywhere between 60 and 70,000 bodies during the height of cemetery overcrowding in the Victorian era.
Stunningly gorgeous monument in Highgate Cemetery in London. This is so moving. Photo by Rich Cutler.
Highgate Cemetery, London.  Photo by Susan Liston.
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Home to vampires.  Also to some truly breathtaking art. previous pinner: We've got to go here!  Highgate Cemetery in London!  The cemetery’s main walkway is aptly called Egyptian Avenue and has a couple of foreboding obelisks. The original Dracula author Bram Stoker is said to have been inspired by the ambient creepiness of the Highgate Cemetery while he was writing.
highgate cemetery spring by Irene Butcher
angel by lezli
Pére Lachaise cemetery Paris