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Florida Sieboldii Clematis

Clematis Vine - Florida Sieboldii Clematis is a very unique clematis with creamy white flowers with large centers of purple stamens. - by Robin Evans

Hyssop is one of my favorites, 3ft wide & 5 ft tall. Loves the sun. Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumble bees! Lasts all summer long. Cut it back to about 3 inches in the late fall.

Anise Hyssop-fall-This tough, drought-tolerant perennial looks beautiful for months in summer and fall when it's covered with spikes of lavender-blue, licorice-scented flowers. Says Zone 4

Aqulegia 'Winky Double Dark Blue/White'

Columbine, Winky Double Blue White From spring to summer this remarkably pretty double-bloomed columbine is a magnet for admiring butterflies, hummingbirds and humans. The neatly mounded plants produce a lovely commotion of upfacing blooms with dar

Coneflower comes in a variety of colors! Drought tolerant

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20 favorite perennial flowers | Aster x frikartii | Sunset.com

Your Guide to Asters

Aster x frikartii = delicate-looking flowers on ultra-tough plants tolerate just about any soil type. ‘Mönch’ grows to 2 feet-tall and pumps out 2 lavender-blue flowers almost all year if spent ones are removed