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Feed the Elephant - a beginning sound sort

This file contains elephant letter headers and elephant picture headers, with over 100 peanut picture cards for sorting by beginning sound. Also i...

Beginning Sound Bunnies - an Easter initial phoneme sound sort

This file contains 30 bunnies, one for each letter in the alphabet and the digraphs, ch, sh, wh, th. Also included are over 100 picture card carro...

Beginning Sounds with Paint Sticks-Word Work Station

Rockin Teacher Materials: Paint Stick Word Work Stations-FUN! Paint Sticks!!! Brilliant, you can use them for so many thing. Use for beginning sound, vowel, or word family/rhyming word sorts.

Kindergarten Literacy Centers {Using Bingo Dabbers}

Literacy activities using bingo dabbers! Skills include: beginning sounds, ending sounds, syllables, sight words, CVC words, real words/silly words, and more! Great resource for the whole year!

Butterfly Collecting - A phoneme isolating and matching game

In this activity students will master isolating initial, medial, and final sounds of words. Students select a card, name both pictures and determi...

beginning sound clip game - Page 001 There are printables available here for games that use clothes pins to teach the kids letter sounds...looks fun

Making Inferences Using Pictures

MAKING INFERENCES USING PICTURES~ Students who struggle with text have difficulty getting a complete “picture” of what’s going on. One way to simplify instruction is to teach inferences using only picture clues. Pictures can be decoded more quickly and are accessible to all readers. Includes 14 worksheets and 2 assessments. Great introduction and practice making inferences! $