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I just died laughing - In Arabic...

In Arabic

A new tanker arrives on site in Qatar. The newly-appointed American manager tells the local supervisor to ensure that the tanker is clearly labeled: "Diesel Fuel" in Arabic and "No Smoking" in Arabic.

No we did not see your cat. Lol

Funny pictures about Pet missing? Oh, and cool pics about Pet missing? Also, Pet missing?

OH MY WORD!!!  hahahaha!!!!

Funny pictures about Look who grew up. Oh, and cool pics about Look who grew up. Also, Look who grew up.

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This is what my life would be if my dad and Pete "fixed" things their way!

You had one job and u messed it up

you had one job - take the candy out of the bag. and don't try to destroy the world by putting skittles and m&ms in the same thing

Should i tell him....

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 42 Pics I'm sure the tie down strap through the tire of his truck should not impede his travel at all. oh that is not gonna end well at all.

33 Examples Of "You Had One Job" What came first, the light or the elevated cross walk? I wonder...

34 Examples Of "You Had One Job"

What the Road Construction Fails Completely Lacking Common Sense. Most of the time everything goes according to plan, but sometimes the plan just doesn't make any sense, and sometimes someone just screws up. Check out these crazy fails.