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Steampunk DIY Dress Tutorial | ... steampunk pistol, I’m eyeing my son’s toys in a whole new way

How-To: Transform Toy Gun in to Steampunk Beauty

Funny pictures about Steampunk Water Gun Looks Awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Steampunk Water Gun Looks Awesome. Also, Steampunk Water Gun Looks Awesome photos.

iCog Dione Steampunk iPhone 4 Case

We have featured lots of beautiful iPhone 4 cases, but apparently this is the first steampunk iPhone 4 case that we've ever seen in real meaning.

Fun and very cool! It's an iPhone port that turns back time a bit.

Take a look at the iRetrofone Steampunk dock for iPhone, how cool. "The iRetrofone Steampunk dock for iPhone from freelandstudios is hand-sculpted and hand-cast in thick urethane resin. Using your own docking cable, the iRetrofone dock.

The whole setup offers 3 monitors, a printer, scanner, webcam, horn speakers, #Steampunk iPhone dock, card readers and a built-in clock. H.G. Wells and Jules Verne would love to sit there and write :)

Victorian Organ Command Desk - I never really got into the whole steampunk thing, but all that is changing now. The Victorian organ command desk is one hell of a reason why we sh.

Steampunk Lamp. almost look like old binoculars in the middle

"Siddharhta Pod" made by Art Donovan . made by Frank Buchwald . Copper Pipe Lamp made by Profesor James Fz.

~ Triunial Magic Lantern ~ "This item was the precursor to projectors. Light is projected through slides to project images."

Very rare Victorian Triunial Magic Lantern. The precursor to the slide projector. Light was projected through slides to show the images.

Journey to the center of the Earth table idea? I think its a decent canidate.

Professor Alexander’s Botanical Vasculum – Steamed 300 watt Moss Terrarium from Etsy seller SteamedGlass is a beautiful blown-glass steampunk Rube Goldberg terrarium: “This is the…