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Gold finger-ring with traces of black enamel: 17th century. Finger-ring, gold with traces of black enamel, the bezel set with seven mirror-backed facetted glass pastes. These so-called 'Vauxhall pastes' were flat-backed glass paste gems whose facetted surface was reflected in the mirrored back giving an illusion of great depth. Though there are many surviving dated examples of these settings from the late-18th century, such an early piece is a great rarity.

ROMAN GOLD FINGER RING WITH BEZEL-SET RED GLASS ROUNDEL Within a Herakles knot enhanced with gold beading in cruciform. 4th-5th Century AD

A pendant of amethyst and enamelled gold in the form of a grapevine. Seven amethysts, carved and polished to represent bunches of ‘black’ grapes, hang from tiered sprigs of recurving wire and a short length of chain. Part of the Cheapside Hoard, late 16th-early 17th century.