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Rainbow Roses: by splitting the stem of a white rose in equal parts, and dipping each splinter in water with different food dyes, the petals become multicolored

really beautiful!

Rainbow Rose is a single rose with multiple color petals.Each petal has different color.These are multi-colored roses which look like a rainbow colors

"We were ALL Human beings until Race disconnected US, Religion Separated US, Politics Divided US, And Wealth Classified US." <3 lis

Color speaks - Imagine this photo with all the hands in the same color. The color makes the difference in this case. It speaks of Diversity and Uniqueness.

Potential tattoo idea? Small rainbow/gay pride remembrance.

April 2014 Craft to do How to make Rainbow Roses. Rainbow roses are made by splitting the stem of white roses and resting the stem fragments in different colored dye. The dye is drawn to the petals, which then become colored.

Rainbow Flower2

by Alexandria Griffin. rainbow flowers, rainbow colors and colorful flowers.

Incense sticks, Vietnam

Incense sticks in Hue-Vietnam; Photo by Bertrand Linet (beautiful collection) incense sticks