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Fox Uncle Wei Yue Jin

Poor Percy... :'( Makes me guilty I killed him in a fanfic. .... AND THEN BROUGHT HIM BACK TO LIFE! HEH! Scared ya, didn't I?

All Orignal Hubley Wire Fox Terrier Cast Iron Doorstop

Bought this at a Seven Sisters Estate Sale, corner Somerville Rd & College St.. Paid $125 which I thought was high but turned out to be a FABULOUS DEAL! All Original Hubley Wire Fox Terrier Cast Iron Doorstop

Itachi and Sarada. by Hanyouda dialogue "Uncle Itachi?" "Mh?" "Why do you make Papa cry?" "….." "He always cries when no one is looking because you’re not there…."

Yes, because my heart wasn't already shattered enough. Uncle Itachi doing the same forehead poke to Sarada that he did to Sasuke. #naruto