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Leaf Litter - Magnolia

Leaf Litter - Magnolia

Glass frog-and I don't like frogs, but this one is purple and it is not real...lol

This is a rare purple glass frog they like being attached to glass such as windows, doors, and anything outside that is made of glasd

Ghost Frog - Bing Images

Painting - Purple Green Ghost Frog by Nick Gustafson

Just found a website just for frog stuff. My life is made.

"Crazy Frog Lady" T-Shirt. A few green frogs and a very clear warning. "BEWARE of Crazy Frog Lady." After all, she might do anything from sticking a frog down your shirt to kissing you!

lots of frog facts and info

Here you will learn how to tell the difference between frogs and toads. Frogs and toads differences are very subtle. Identifying whether an animal is a frog or toad can be tricky; however, with the facts about frogs and toads on this page you will.

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15 Poison Dart Frogs http://chefleez.com Thailand's #1 cooking school in Bangkok.

Real Monstrosities: 15 Poison Dart Frogs Reference image for felting