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After studying the classic fairy tales, it's fun to compare the fractured versions.

14 Fractured Fairy Tales

191-200 Explains different interpretations of fractions (e.g., parts of a whole, parts of a set, and division of whole numbers by whole numbers)

top 10 books to read when teaching fractions* read in LA when covering this in math*

Fractions in Action

Make a fraction book- its too late for me to do this! And we just learned about fractions.

Math Coach's Corner: Equivalent Fractions Freebie.  Includes suggestions for four different ways the cards can be used.  Two are standard games--War and Matching.  The other two activities would make great workstations.  In one, students draw different representations for the fraction shown on their card (see the picture below).  In the other, students write sentences describing the part of the pizza left and the part eaten.

Equivalent Fractions Freebie

Your kids will get the "nuts and bolts" of equivalent fractions with this adorable freebie!

11 inspiring picture books for little inventors and engineers.

Picture Books for Kids Who Like to Tinker and Invent

Library Books for young tinkerers, inventors & engineers in STEM / STEAM learning (via what do we do all day)

Do you need a way to have your students understand fractions and equivalent fraction concepts?This Common Core Aligned Lapbook should help.

Understanding Fractions and Equivalent Fractions Lapbook {Common Core Aligned}

Do you need a way to have your students understand fractions and equivalent fraction concepts? This Common Core Aligned Lapbook should help. Grade Common Core Standards Addressed: Explain why a fraction a/b is equivalent to a fraction nxa/nxb

Free patterns for fraction pizzas!

Free patterns for fraction pizzas!except we could make a real pizza instead. But I do like the fraction idea :)