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NYC Telephone Booths Are Following You (Seriously)

The next time you pass by a seemingly misplaced relic of a lost world, once known as the telephone booth, wonder why they exist no longer.


Vintage Aluminum Bell Pay Phone Telephone Booth Enclosure


Alexander Graham Bell speaking into a telephone in 1876.

Great British Inventions - The Telephone. The telephone was invented by British inventor Alexander Graham Bell and patented in Picture - Alexander Graham Bell speaking into an early telephone.

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Hyperrhiz 03 Hijacking Documentary into Video Installation Art

Notre article (et plus de photos) sur cet étrange balet de lampion sur notre blog : http://blog.modandwa.com/scenographie-lumineuse/ .

Notre article (et plus de photos) sur cet étrange balet de lampion sur notre…

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Michael Snow Wavelength in minutes (HD)

The Cabinet of Curiousness . Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

Morethanlove filmed The Cabinet of Curiousness in NYC, an antique wooden card catalogue with 20 drawers. Functioning as an interactive piece, the opening of .

La Fura dels Baus 2005 - La Metamorfosis de Kafka

"We want to believe that the impressions our brain records as sensations and…

Ideas' odyssey

Ideas' odyssey