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I made this Harley Quinn and Joker Anime picture on Dress Up Games .com I know it was a really bad pic but my phone is really old

Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case

Batmobile Tumbler iPhone Case - Now you can guard your smartphone with the same level of technology as the Dark Knight once you place it inside the Batmobile tumbler iPhone case. This armored case envelopes your phone in a menacing looking cocoon styled after Batman’s tough-as-nails tumbler.

((He can be someones senpai)) Hey.. what do you want? I'm Kyou Midori, and I'm *sighs* You want to know more about me? Fine.. I'm in the martial arts club, and I like playing video games.. is that all?

Please complete this template please. Name(full)- Kenji(OPTIONAL)- age- gender- class (1.2or3)- personality- likes- dislikes- Interests- Bio- other info- your story(if something has happened to you yet)- Looks- Only a few amount of people can have supernatural abilities. People who have abilities- -Chris Gremory (Ccoates) -Yuki Fujioka (Ayachan1996)