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Coup de Bambou sur la mobilité

Streamlined Bamboo Scooter Bike Zips Around With Hidden Electric Motor designed by French firm Fritsch-Durisotti

"French designer Philippe Starck and car company Peugeot have unveiled a prototype bicycle crossed with a scooter, designed for a free cycle scheme in Bordeaux, France."-http://www.dezeen.com/2013/02/28/pibal-bicycle-by-philippe-starck-and-peugeot/

Pibal bicycle by Philippe Starck and Peugeot

IMPACT: Tackling his environmental and ecological concerns head-on, Starck designed the pibal bicycles by philippe starck & peugeot for Bordeaux. This image is Philippe Starck riding a Pibal bike

Artículos inusuales de madera

This is the newest chopper style wooden bike from Warren Von Botbyl, he's called this one the Instigator.

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Waterproof LED Globe by Smart & Green

This is a cool new way of transportation. The Gauswheel Urban, combining an urban step with one-tire bike. You can reach speeds of 30 Kmph. Inspiration, product, future, Men Share and enjoy!

Four (4) wheel bike(s) bicycle(s), Surrey bike(s) bicycle(s) two (2) person bike(s)

Four wheel bike(s) bicycle(s), Surrey bike(s) bicycle(s) two person bike(s)

Woodworker designs solid ash bike for "exceptional comfort".  #3dprinters  Please join our Sociable chat and have another look at internet site for specials on 3d printers and enjoy our coaching articles. https://www.facebook.com/3dprintingsa

This beautiful wood and aluminum bike is made in part from 3-D printing

Wooden bicycle by Paul Timmer. Wooden ride: created out of wood but strengthened with custom-made aluminium parts, this bicycle designed by woodworker Paul Timmer caused readers to question whether the material was strong enough for the job.

Kit Bike by Lucid Design  packs into a bag! Indian designers....check out the video!!

Kit Bike by Lucid Design packs into a bag

Kit Bike Indian company Lucid Design has created a conceptual "bike in a bag" that would quickly dismantle into parts to fit into a backpack

Kart-Powered Big Wheel - Hot Rod Magazine Blog

Motorized Big Wheel Drift Trike by SFD

SFD Industries Big Wheel Drift Trike is over-steering three-wheeler fun times a thousand

A complete innovation in children riding toys! The wooden Leg&Go through 8 modifications teaches walking, balancing and pedaling to children of 8 month

Leg&Go bike