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ive never been so mad in my life (maybe i have but whatever) the 1975 concert nearby my area just sold out and im so frustrated and mad and i regret not buying the tickets earlier and omg idk what to do because whenever i see the 1975 or listen to them i just think about the concert and omg ughhhghhhgghhhhhhhh i hate this

The 5 best natural antibiotics and anti-virals that destroy superbugs and just about everything else

These Park Benches Welcome The Homeless Instead Of Rejecting Them

Because homelessness is such a huge social issue many cities are making park benches that turn into shelters. Rather than just ignoring the issue of the homelessness, some people are trying to make small efforts to help.

That was redundant. But still. I won't break down no matter how much I want to unless I feel safe and comfortable doing so. That being said, only my mom and Ari have seen me break down. I refuse to bare my soul to others. Not until I know they will understand. I'm sorry, Lilia and Kat, but I just need more time before I can feel safe breaking down in front of you.

Just because I know you can do some of this, I'm tempted to try ALL of this... I am not sure about the couch surfing though. How to Spend 7 Days in New York City With Only $100 | Broke Tourist .. Tough when I spend $100 a DAY there!

I love the second one cuz they seriously just met. and right before this- well before she ran away-she was yelling at him-and then he walked in and she went to him at once. he didn't even think about it. Jace, who is super closed off- just took her in his arms.

Tiny House Tour: Perfectly Rustic Tiny Mountain Log Cabin in British Columbia

There are tiny houses for every style, for every mood … but I am a big fan of the rustic log cabin look. Maybe it is because that style of architecture immediately puts me in mind of a cozy retreat in the woods or the mountains somewhere, far from civilization—just you, your loved ones, and the comforts that make up your private world.