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Directly copying someone else's work is not cool! The College of Everything: Plagiarism, 3

Sorry it's ugly, but I am an English/Grammar teacher and LOVE the principal of this one...lol

I hate stupid people. GRAMMAR The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you' re shit. Well played sir, well played I hate stupid people GRAMMAR The difference between knowing your shit and you' re Well played sir well

Old people at weddings always poke me

Funny pictures about Old people. Oh, and cool pics about Old people. Also, Old people photos.

Raised in a bad way? its possible..

This is so evil and it really does showcase the darker sode of my sense of humor but ehhh . i'll pin it anyway funny pictures funny memes, funny images, funny kids with sayings, funny quotes and sayings

this is true, Apple and Blackberry

Funny pictures about Life was much easier. Oh, and cool pics about Life was much easier. Also, Life was much easier.

When someone tells you "Don't let it bother you"  All you think is "Easier said then done"

It shouldn't bother me, but it does. I shouldn't care about you, but I do. I should hate you, but I don't.

Katherine in the Kitchen: Quick, Easy, Healthy Recipes: Reese's Brownie Bars

my life.and when that makes me sad about my own sad life, I go and pin humor stuff, lol