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Yep...that's STL!

At least we get our pizza fast.

That'd be me anytime someone mentions Ron White and Sears.

story of my life. That awkward moment when everyone else quit laughing 10 minutes ago, but you can't stop.

How to wear MEN's shirts!

How to wear MEN's shirts!

hahaha how to wear men's shirts. now this is my style but not with all the guys wearing it like that under lol :)

Blueberry Hill in the Delmar Loop St. Louis / http://www.blueberryhill.com/

Blueberry Hill of the Delmar Loop, St. Louis, Missouri, "Welcome to the Loop sign, courtesy of the New York Times"

And don't forget the can opener

segastarlit: “ ALL THE TIME! ” [Image description: When a package says ‘easy open’ i end up using scissors, knife, hammer, gun and a lightsaber.] A gun.