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#iKON #hanbin

#iKON #hanbin

Why can't this happen!? | allkpop Meme Center

I definitely agree with that! I will marry Kai and Beakhyun and Sehun and Chanyeol and D.O and Chen!

First reaction: LMAO | Second reaction: what the fuck chanyeol

lol kai's face at the end xD he's like "hahaha. you're not being serious, right Chanyeol?" OMFG Chanyeol you are me

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My parents pretty much know that I'm watching hot dorky koreans. and don't study on my computer. but still xD I love Sehuns face xD <<< Mine don't)))

Suho's heartfelt speech | allkpop Meme Center

I feel the emotions in this speech and i'm freaking love this fandom Suho Baekhyun

When someone mentions kpop | allkpop Meme Center

OH MY GOD ME. I once almost gave a girl behind me a heart attack when I heard her mention KPOP<<<really? I would be way to shy to react in any way possible