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8th grade inspirational bulletin board

What's Under Your Cape? A Book Study Blog-Hop

Yes I literally need this elementary school list to help with my math anxiety lol

For more fitness motivation: in-pursuit-of-fitnessFor healthy...

Made this for my "no name" area

Fresh Take Leggings in Mathematics

Fresh Take Leggings in Mathematics. Indulge in brilliant style with these printed leggings! #black #modcloth

T-TESS Overview for Texas Teachers-Plus a Free Downloadable Handbook! — Stage and Craft

Here's a great post on using a shoestring (literally) to help students understand number lines.

Solving Literal Equations Partner Activity

Looking for extra practice for solving literal equations or solving for a specific variable in a formula? This worksheet can be a standalone or partner activity. It works great with mini white boards and then recording the answers on the sheet.

What the Hart Likes: good dose of motivation

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher

34 Signs You're a Type B Teacher: after reading this, I'm pretty sure I'm more of a type A, but it's still funny.