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i didn't even know it was gonna be dirty and i thought i was just thinking, "firmly grasp it"

18 Jokes Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Find Funny - omg, these are hilarious. Though, as you can see, some are dirty.

“PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS — itty bitty living space.”  — Genie

oh my goodness I can't be the only person who knew that the quote was from Aladdin. That's what the genie says. itty bitty living space" when he's talking about the lamp he lives in

Draquesha from the hood…I laughed SOOO hard

Draquesha from the hood…

Draquesha from the hood. if Draco and Harry were girls Harriet would've sectumsempra'd Draquesha and meant it.

Oh my hahaha funny way to look at it!

How to seize a moment.

How to seize a moment. i love daniel. glad he recognizes his potential to be awesome.

harry potter vs twilight

And yet girls continue to idolize Bella more than Hermione. Edward Cullen is not real, okay? Just settle down with a nice ginger fellow, let it go.

Basilisk. HRru potter. Professor snape. Gryffindor. Ravenclaw. Huffle puff.

I know Im a nerd because I still find 'Hide yo kids, hide yo wife,' etc. But I present to you, Hide yo muggles.

Funny pictures about A Harry Potter fandom meeting…. Oh, and cool pics about A Harry Potter fandom meeting…. Also, A Harry Potter fandom meeting… photos.

Hahahaha! @Gromyt Hodum

Lol haha funny pics / pictures / Dumbledore / Harry Potter Humor / The Goblet Of Fire / Your Mom jokes

Gotta love Fat Amy (: Watching it right now on HBO!

Snape/Fat Amy "not a good enough reason to use the word 'penetrate'"