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purposes of masks, African art, and the meaning behind some of the symbols/designs commonly used in African art. make the point that African art is always meaningful to the artist, has some symbolic meaning behind the shapes & colors, and is almost always useful or functional. With these key features in mind, students can understand African culture a little deeper.

The Lion King (1994) - Minimal Movie Poster by Harshness ~ #minimalmovieposter #alternativemovieposter #harshness #disneyminimal

Representing the dry plains of Africa, this acacia tree unit symbolizes the death of Mufasa, the dramatic turning point in the young cub's life. The massive acacia tree is supported by four hand-crafted gazelle sculptures. Notice the mural at the base of the tree. A stampede of sound is created by wind chimes that fill the branches of this decorative tree. 8 gazelle dancers perform around the tree. 6 tribal wildebeests move the tree along the route. Lion King Celebration parade, Disneyland

Rockin’ the Foam

A set designer gives tips and tricks when working with foam. Great DIY illusions for the home... ("ILLUSION, MICHEAL!")

Any Day Fun - 42 Drama Scenarios

42 fun drama improvisation scenario cards to use when your students need a break or when you need a time filler. Students act out a given scenario in partners. To make the activity longer, students can perform in front of the class and the class can guess what the scenario is.