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Washington State: Parolees Can Smoke Weed Starting Next Week

But who gave her the cigarette?

But who gave her the cigarette?

Kitty Foreman-my favorite part is the arm giving her the cigarette is wearing a different shirt than any of the 5 of them. - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

i'm 100% kitty was based off of my future self

My fav tv mom!


The Walking Dead funny meme.i really was able to kill that stupid kid that moment

#HarryPotter #WeedFro #FuckYes

#HarryPotter #WeedFro #FuckYes


save the drama for your mama- it's time to smoke some marijuana

That 70s Show :)

"Oh you know what else might be good for your self esteem? Not being the village whore.

And then you or your partner realizes that you’re super red and flushed.

Here's Why You Get All Red When You Have Sex

The Casual Sex Project is collecting one-night stand stories

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I am so sick of this song. Its not even good, why oh dear god why do people continue to play this song! Shit there is so many songs better than this!


I miss That Show - Red was a really "helpful" dad. When Red ate Hides "Special Brownies"

Saul. A character for our generation.

23 Reasons Smoking Weed Is Good For You

Story of my life. not the stoner part, just being hungry all the time.

That '70s Show quote - Octo-burn

Reflect on the greatness known as ‘That 70’s Show’ (36 Photos)

Discover and share That Show Red Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.

One day a duck walks in a store and ask the manager if they sell grapes. The manager says, “No, we don’t sell grapes.” The duck goes home and comes […]

One of my favorite lines from That 70's Show

Eric and Kelso

"Class Picture"  (S:4, E:20)

A beret wearing phase in college