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I can't help but to miss her. I recall the good times as well as the bad but good always prevails! I'll shed a tear and smile at a great relationship I got to live!

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I can no longer let what someone says upset me when they are not good anyway. Keep only good people around me!

Good topics you and your roommate may need to discuss!

Even if you don't have to sign a roommate contract, these are good things to discuss with your roomie! Since we discussed this the other day lol

Those Friends That Try To Do What You Do For "Acceptance" .. Cut The Shit And Be Real With Me.

26 Quotes about Fake Friends with Images

Yup! You're my ex. Not my best friend. I wish nothing but the best for you ~ but please stay the hell away from me & lose my number ~ I don't care about your problems...that's for your new lover!

Oh my dear friend where have you gone? You were my best friend, confiding in me, trusting me, talking to me, laughing with me. Remember the feelings and emotions and the good times. Don't ever forget them cause they won't ever happen again with me!

"15 TED Talks Every First-Year Student Must Watch" - probably good for everyone!  Pin now, watch later.

15 Inspiring TED Talks Every Freshman Must Watch

15 Inspiring TED Talks for Freshman Year - These inspiring TED talks will motivate you for the new semester before you even have a syllabus to crack. Listen up and let the learning begin.

Your 19 year old vagina shouldn't have been fucking another womans husband of 10 years Go play your righteous boo hoo act on someone who doesn't know the truth . Oh yea like your facebook and twitter followers YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PERSON 4 REAL

When all you're good at is talking about other people, it's probably time to reevaluate your life. We just do the right things, take care of our kids, work/study/volunteer and continue to be real people. Wish others would do the same!

I will every time!

Stand up fight the good fight! Stand up for what you believe in even it means standing alone. God is with you!