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The first ever dementia vaccine could be trialled in humans within 3 years.   Scientists working in the US and Australia have made progress on a vaccine candidate that could prevent and, in some cases, even reverse, the onset of dementia, Alzheimer's, and other related diseases.
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If a half-dozen academic centers hadn’t built specialized clean rooms like this one, there wouldn’t be any clinical trials, or any IPOs. But Jensen’s center is no commercial operation: it can prepare cells for only 10 patients a month. It costs $75,000 to manufacture cells for each one.
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(Phys.org)—Molecules are rarely found alone. In the real world, they are often networked to each other through hydrogen bonding or are bound to other molecules in the surrounding environment. One way to study an individual molecule is to trap it within a fullerene. A fullerene is an all-carbon, spherical molecule with carbons networked like the stitches of a soccer ball. The interior of the fullerene sphere is large enough to house small molecules, such as water or hydrogen gas.
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