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I had a My Melody pencil case just like this as a kid.

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Vintage 80s Black Heart and Rainbow by BerryAnarchySupplies

Vintage Black Heart and Rainbow Shooting Star Cased Eraser Rubber.I can smell this

....back in the day, when the tape got stuck, all what was needed to fix it was a pencil!

"Back in the Day" retro art print or note card. -Cute Retro art print by BootsArt.

Oh yeah!!.......90's Kids Know What's Up.....seriously still have one!

Flashback: 15 Old Skool School Supplies

Space Maker Pencil Box - Anyone remember coloring the top of these with markers, putting glue, letting it dry and making badass tie-dye bookmarks?

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I used to color on the space maker part with Crayola marker. Then I would put Elmer's glue on it and sit it under my desk and wait for it to dry. When I would go to school the next day it would peel right off.

You used 2 get loads in a bag - they all had nursery rhymes on them with the verses written on the back.

Cadburys Chocolate Buttons bag -they all had nursery rhymes on them with th verses written on the back.

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poochie, poochie for girls! Only for girls not for boys, poochie. Poochie for girls.

i remember kits like that - they were so cool because everything came coordinated :)

I had this Rainbow School Kit. Pencil case ruler pencil eraser and pencil sharpener in original packaging.

80s Pencil Cases that held your lunch money...I had a "Strawberry Shortcake" one.

Pencil - crayon plastic zippered case with lunch money pouch. Wow, this instantly brought me back to kindergarten, I had one just like it!

Pencil case

Pencil shaped pencil cases were a must have in Junior School

Loved these!

During the early these cubes were used to solve maths problems in Primary schools

Cool Erasers

In the you could buy pencil erasers that were scented in all shapes sizes and colours, I had this particular one and it smelt lovely. Scented erasers got banned in the UK because younger kids were tempted to eat them, and risked choking.