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Cassette Tape #music

LOL love it! / you know you grew up in the when you immediately see the connection between a cassette tape and a pencil.

(courtesy of @Pinstamatic http://pinstamatic.com)

Remember when this was the biggest problem you encountered all day? But we figured it out. Walked to the side pulled the swing away from the puddle and jumped on it. Getting off with dry feet was the next problem. But we didn't care.

These used to be everywhere!

The common practice/fashion back then: we'd put dimes in our penney loafers in case we ever "got in trouble" and had to make a phone call home! A local call from a public phone booth cost 10 cents!


Vintage Bell Telephone Ad - oh how I wanted a princess phone like my sister's Barbie had!

Silly Putty

Silly Putty - hours of fun, especially copying the Sunday comics onto a piece. Did you know the chemical in the paper has changed so that you can't do this with modern day silly putty?

I've used something like this many a times in school.

remember when every classroom had a pencil sharpener like this one? I do remember! I also remember when our new house came with one attached in the basement where my mom's craft room is!

Yes, my favorite. Conjunction Function, What's your Function?.

Conjunction Junction - What's Your Function? Love all of School House Rock!

OMG, we almost killed each other so many times doing this - we would fling each other onto the couch

i remember and my childhood was awesome! Yup, I so did this with my little sister . We called it Airplane. My niece Angie


tv de los 80'/90'

Don Adams as Agent 86 from Get Smart - I used to say, "Get Smart shoe phone" or "I need Get Smart elevator shoes"