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Pinterest is supposed to be about expressing one's own creativity. Raiding or creating instant boards by taking large numbers of pins from another pinner just for the sake of amassing pins is not creative--quite the opposite. When a pinner asks others not to raid it's not about claiming ownership of the pin or pins in question. It's about basic common courtesy. Be selective. Demonstrate who and what you are by how you treat others. More than 14 pins/day total from my boards/speed pin…

Didn't watch or waste one minute of my time, watching the RNC. It has been covered in excess. I can't bear to hear any of the Republicans voices. Swearing doesn't help. Voting them out...that will help

Well, I beg to differ. You can be sad, but you'd look really dumb and self-pitying and everyone would then point and laugh and you'd feel even worse, so you'd stuff the cupcake into your mouth to drown your sorrows and choke to death instead. The end.

Book a one way ticket outa that shit cause you are in the wrong. Deep down inside you know it. I'm here for you if you make an honest attempt at making amends. But an email is NOT commensurate with what you did. Not even close. Rather insulting actually.