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Outlook.com - ninarlinder@outlook.com

Outlook.com - ninarlinder@outlook.com

Steampunk R2-D3 R2's OLD FLAME! She was never upgraded to a newer model, so he was forced to move forward in his work without her! But upon re-connecting with D3 we will learn something important, a GREAT SECRET to be discovered explaining why she was left in her original form! R2 loves her so much that looks don't matter to him anyway! :-)

Star Wars Art: Beer Barrel Steampunk - Definitely our type of thing. Geeky and cool just like my Jim;

steampunk @ steampunk love

Steampunk, Big Wheel Bike, Penny Farthing Bicycles or better yet, “Penny Farthing Quad-cycle" .

1878 armored diving suit

Century Deep-Sea Diving Suit ~ diving in those suits was very dangerous work


Weapons Inspiration: Windsor Firearms, developed by the Windsor family who founded the underground Human city of Barta.

by CraftedSteampunk in etsy

This would be an awesome accessory for a mad scientist costume! by CraftedSteampunk in etsy (steampunk)

Metallic Sculpture : Steampunk

very cool but unusable as a skateboard. Would make a great display piece though. I love how its made to look like a rocket, it goes really well with the metallic color palette.