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FAQ: What are Aries Birthstones? – Aries Birthstones are red jasper and emerald. What are Aries birthstone colors? What semi-precious birthstones are a match for the Aries sign natives? The Aries s…

Oh the Aries Bitchmeter :)                                                                                                                                                     More

But I am afraid, and not everyone is against me. Many good people are behind me and with me. <<< I am afraid and I do what's right anyway


What do you mean 'never really loved me' I've never met him and never will. He doesn't know I exist and he never will. I love him but he doesn't know I exist. He will never notice me ever.

If you breathe fire, don’t say later on you prefer the cold.    -M

zodiaccity: Zodiac Aries facts — Aries will show tough love, even if it kills them on the inside. They might want to call you or come around you so bad but at the same time want to teach you a lesson. Your response tells them all they need to know.

They get burnt out after a while

one of the reasons people get mad at me. i can spin circles around everyone in half the time. there is time for down time just get shit done first and stop pissin around. But we can also be great procrastinator but that gets the work done fast