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On why Bucky was actually buying those plums:<<< I was more fascinated by the fact that he was talking romanian while he was buying those plums, and I could understand every word of it (obviously, since it's my first language)

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People Want To Know If Bucky Finally Got His Plums In “Captain America: Civil War”

I sort of wished they'd put him in a hood instead of those goddamn caps. He looks amazing here, though. Carrying the plums he just brought & approaching the stall where the man clocked his face & ran because of what had happened & Bucky being framed.

I honestly was thinking that. Like, WTF Black Panther, he just wanted some plums, and you get yelled at like HEY YOU MOTHAF*CKER YOU KILLED MA DADDY IMA SHOOT YA FACE OFFFFFFF. Don't ask dumb sh*t, T'Challa. It's stupid.

Sebastian Stan talks about plums | aww my baby has low blood pressure, I just want to hug him

OH. MY. GOSH. IVE BEEN CRYING FOR 20 MINUTES THIS IS HILARIOUS XD <<< OHMYGOSH GUYS all he wanted was plumbs... Someone just give him a plumb. He deserves plums. <<< they need a ship name... plum+bucky =plucky. Or winterplum.

Something's a little unsettling about this, but I don't know what or why.... Maybe it's Bucky's expression.

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