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The Riedel Veritas Beer Glass is the first and only beer glass in the ground-breaking series, and offers an added value proposition to consumers. Contrary to popular belief, the thinner the beer glass, the less temperature exchange between beverage, vessel and environment, due to the fact that thicker glasses have more mass to retain heat. This means that the Riedel Veritas Beer Glass, a functional tool in nearly weightless form keeps beer cool for longer than a thicker stein glass.

Beer we go! The RIEDEL Veritas Beer Glass is the new way to enjoy beer - launches next week at Ambiente Frankfurt.

Expertly crafted, tested and approved, the New Spiegelau Stout glass accentuates the roasted malt, rich coffee and chocolate notes that define the Stout beer style while maintaining the functional design characteristics Spiegelau beer glassware has become known for. The Spiegelau Beer Classics Stout glass is available to purchase now via the Riedel UK Webstore.

20% off Spiegelau Beer Classics for St Patrick's Day with code: STPATRICKS2014 - Offer ends 18/03/14

Do you have your beer glasses ready for the World Cup Finals? Order today to ensure delivery!

With Father's Day fast approaching, why not consider giving a Spiegelau Craft Beer glass as a present for Dad.

Barrel Aged Beers represent the height of a brew masters talent and passion. The impartation of long-term wood ageing on fine beer makes for the most complex expression possible in terms of the aroma, taste, mouth feel and finish of these special beers. Barrel Aged Beers are truly a connoisseur’s choice.

At the end of a long working day, what could be better than a refreshing cold beer from a great glass?

Excellent to see our friends BrewDog using our glassware for their Punk IPA. Great glass, great beer!