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Vintage photos of Japanese military, authentic samurai legend in old photographs that demonstrate their existence beyond the myths, Japanese military had to be a real terror to his enemies, costumes and clothing of the era.

「日本最後の侍たち」江戸後期から明治の時代に撮影された武芸者たちの写真いろいろ - DNA

Enomoto Takeaki. Viscount Enomoto Takeaki was a samurai and admiral of the Tokugawa navy of Bakumatsu period Japan, who remained faithful to the Tokugawa shogunate who fought against the new Meiji government until the end of the Boshin War.

Uchida Kuichi, « Shimazu Uzuhiko », ambrotype, 10,2 x 7,2 cm, 1869, coll. Department of photography, College of Art, Nihon University, Tôkyô. #japon