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prawn hatchings.

Bad and Ugly of Retro Food: Canadian Gut Bombs (Recipe Cards "Savory Boxes" I bet they are.

Imagine the expressions on the faces of your unsuspecting dinner guests when they behold this on your buffet table.

I can see how this might be described as an "Entertaining Buffet". does that 'fish' have a mayo mustache?

Prawn and Guacamole Ring - really, that's supposed to be guacamole..... something happened to the poor thing, and something happened to the poor shrimp too - way over-cooked.  At first glance I thought this was liver spread and pretzels!

Liver Pâté and Pretzels? No, and that would be a strange combo. It's actually Prawn and Guacamole Ring. A very sick looking guacamole accompanied by some very sad shrimp.

gross kinda

gross kinda