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This is Sargeant Stubby, hero and veteran of WWI, and perhaps the most decorated War Dog in history.

Illuminati Bedtime Stories That’ll Drop Your Jaw To The Floor—What They Train Their Children… | Power Elite - ...The chief mechanism used by the elite bloodlines to execute the New World Order is the global secret society network. Various politicians, businessmen, world leaders, bankers, and media form this huge secret society matrix. [...] 01/23/16

1930s hooligans

Queen Victoria - Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Commissioned by Queen Victoria and given to Prince Albert on his birthday, 26 August 1843, hung on an adjoining wall. Victoria was just 24 when Winterhalter completed the painting, which was later described as her husband Albert's "favourite picture."

1871 great chicago fire; there was also another fire the same day--100 miles north in Michigan

Soldiers in front of monument at Bull Run Battlefield, Virginia. (June 10, 1865).

The soldier and the nurse from the D-Day kiss picture in Times Square