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Social Smoke Rose - Invigorate your senses with the taste of Persian pink roses infused with fragrant rose and other floral essences. $8.99

Social Smoke Clove - Exotic clove taste blanketed with spices and a secret mix of essences. $8.99

Social Smoke Grape Royale - Juicy sweet grape infused with sweet floral essences. $8.99

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CAO Black is far from a typical aromatic. The tobacco has a full, zesty raspberry essence, with a gentle sub-note of silky vanilla and warm cocoa, giving it a smooth, sweet flavor. And if you tend to puff hard or fast, you're going to love this blend as it one of the coolest smokes you're likely to try. For a blend that won't bite, with a great aroma.​

University Flake begins with specially selected Virginias and rich Burleys which are pressed along with a dark fruit essence. The bricks are allowed to mature under pressure to bring out a smooth round flavor, and then sliced before tinning.

Molto Dolce is a runaway hit for Sutliff Private Stock. Excellent sweet Virginias, mellow Burleys and superior black Cavendish are married with essences of vanilla, caramel and honey for smooth flavor and an outstanding room note.

DESVALL Limited Edition Shisha

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