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LMBO especially since it applies to me...

Anne Taintor vs. Trash Talk by Annie

I bet you don’t recognize this woman’s face. I bet you might not even know her name. But I am sure you recognize her art: Yes, those funny little vintage vignettes are created by Anne Taintor. Anne started out as a cartographer- she used to have a …


Anne Taintor Square Refrigerator Magnet - Check These Bitchin' Shoes

Anne Taintor

Anne Taintor → you're right! male nude hang-gliding is a great spectator sport!

Which would mean more unsightly stains will need removing. It's a vicious circle, isn't it ?

Anne Taintor: I did all the laundry and cleaned the house, and then I felt like killing someone.

I seem to be doing this a lot...

Pour On The Mom Guilt I love mom snark. This doesn't mean I don't adore my kids and being a mother, but mom snark is a great way to laugh off the stress.

This is for all my friends.  Female and male!!! Lol!!!

friends (Thank you, my beautiful and VERY much missed Marton-Roldan ) How are you? And that wonderful girl of yours? The hubby? I'll NEVER forget you offering to lend him to me. ♥ friends,My Girls-,Quotes :

I say, add ice tea.

"When Life Gives You Lemons, Just Add Vodka." A quote of this caliber will surely put a smile on your guests' faces! Cocktail Napkins measure x and come in a package of PPD