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From a friend. This will bring a smile to your face. (It's a video, you have to click on the image for it to bring you to the link to watch - via Facebook)

One family helps another one out - this video is a must see for every animal lover!

1. LEGOLAS 2. I don't have one 3. No but I'm going to 4. I don't have one 5. Kili 6. Gandalf 7. LothLorien 8. Tauriel and Kili 9. I don't have one 10. Fili 11. LEGOLAS but Thranduil is awesome too! 12. ELVES 13. ELVES. 14. Bilbo's sword 15. The ending  16. OF COURSE! WHERE DO I SIGN UP?! 17. No 18. LORD OF THE RINGS 19. No 20. No

Kili Alfrid Yes Barrels Kili Gandalf Mirkwood Kili/tauriel I belong with my brother Kili Legolas Elves Half elf half dwarf (if that's possible) Bow and arrows and sword When kili died TOTALLY Yes The Hobbit No No

(DGIwire) – Tears of sorrow could turn to tears of joy if scientists’ work on an autoimmune disease bears fruit. In June 2016, Ophthalmology Times reported that research on the composition of tears is generating insights that could lead to earlier detection and treatment of Sjögren’s syndrome— an inflammatory disease that can affect many parts …

Gaslighting: You Need To Understand This Sophisticated Manipulation Tactic - Higher Perspective

Just read the obituary of someone who was a raging acoholoic and horrible person to his family. It's like they forget all the tears he caused them.

Meme Maker - Sometimes I grab my own butt because I squat and I've got no-one to give it a sq Meme Maker!

I'll be facing this problem very, very soon -_-

Wife couldn’t add water either because it would take away from the “yummy dark roast taste” - ImgLulz